Optimising your content? Don't wing it.

Goose is a content optimisation tool that helps you accurately target SEO keywords without compromising on authenticity or tone of voice.

Using Google’s premium Natural Language Processing, Goose analyses your text to establish how Google interprets your content - because no one likes a guessing game!

Let's have a gander

Feature 1

Simply upload your content and, in a shake of a tail feather, you'll receive instant info on what Google thinks your content is about, from overarching themes and topics right down to the content tone.

Feature 2

Natural Language Processing (NLP) uses machine learning to reveal the structure and meaning of text. By using Google's premium NLP, we can get a glimpse inside the search engine's complex algorithm - ideal if you're trying to improve rank positioning for specific keywords.

Feature 3

Keyword stuffing is a thing of the past. With Goose, authentic tone of voice will reign supreme and you'll be able to find that perfect sweet spot between keyword optimised content and beautifully creative text.

Who We Work With

What They Say

The Goose NLP tool is a crucial SEO/content tool for us at Flaunt, helping to ensure that Google fully understands the context of any content that we produce across our client SEO campaigns. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to make small tweaks to content that has a big impact on performance, even for non-content specialists!

Goose is a really powerful tool to quickly and very clearly show (potential) clients how their page copy can be instantly improved for the benefit of positively impacting their online search performance - something which we know is extremely important to today's Marketers. The before and after dashboard update provides side-by-side evidence of how copy changes can benefit a brand's website. Learning more about Google's understanding of a page can only be a good thing for ongoing content writing and optimisation.

Get started with Goose

Let your content loose with Goose and find out what Google really thinks. Edit your content directly in the tool to ensure high relevancy for the keywords you're targeting, without keyword stuffing or straying too far from your brand tone of voice. Authentic, optimised content is on its way.